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Site Work

Site work

Hayden Paving is a one-stop-shop for Site Work. We have been completing site work projects in eastern Texas for Over 15 Years.

Clearing And Grubbing

Grubbing and Land Clearing are usually a developer’s first order of business. Grubbing is the preliminary site work practice that refers to the removal, or mass land clearing, of unwanted vegetation and general debris.


Our professional excavating team is specially trained to operate Heavy Excavating Equipment. We are equipped with all of the heavy machinery required to complete projects of any size, and we are always ready to roll when rock and terrain come into play.

Shoring & Erosion Control

It is essential to have proper Shoring and Erosion control on any job site to prevent collapses, weathering, and erosion. Our site work superintendents strictly adhere to shoring and erosion control specifications. We believe that compliance and safety are critical components of customer retention.


Once most of the earthwork has been completed, our site work Professionals do Site Grading. Grading adjusts the slope of an area and provides a more substantial, level area for the foundation.

Soil Stabalization

Soil Stabilization is the method used for achieving the optimal bearing capacity and soil quality necessary to prepare your surface for construction. This construction practice increases soil strength, durability, stiffness, and reduces soil plasticity.

Hayden Paving’s site work team has completed various wet utility projects for clients in and around Houston. We are well-equipped with machinery, technology, expertise, and manpower. This allows us to handle construction projects of any size. Hayden Paving doesn’t stop at utility installation. Our team is well-versed in Utility Repair and Restoration Work.

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